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About us

Berufsförderungswerk Hamm GmbH is a vocational retraining centre for adults. The following information will give you a short impression of our Berufsförderungswerk.


To whom do we provide our services?

Our services are provided primarily to adults who cannot continue their former profession/work because of a restriction to their health, for example as a permanent result of an illness or an accident. This includes young people with a disability who need help in successfully completing a first vocational training.  Additionally we offer our services to people who have to find a new profession because of other reasons, e.g. changes in the labour market  or economic reasons.


What kind of services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services:

  • RehaAssessment (diagnostic modules for checking psychological and physical ability to work)
  • Preparatory courses (3 months up to 6 months for mentally impaired people)
  • Stationary vocational training (24 months with regular vocational certificate)
    • Commercial professions
    • Professions in information technology
    • Professions in electrical engineering
    • Technical professions in the field of metal
    • Professions in health services
  • Vocational training in cooperation with a company
  • Modular qualification for adaption
  • Services for integration into the labour market
  • Services for refugees and immigrants (check ability for work)


What are the criteria to benefit from the services we offer?

The criteria depend on the social system in Germany and the current social laws. You have to fulfil several requirements like health status, period of time you were working in a job with social security contributions, or comparable causes. You have to apply for these services, in German called LTA (Leistungen zur Teilhabe am Arbeitsleben) at the employment agency, the pension insurance or similar institutions . These so called „Leistungsträger“ are responsible for the financing of the individually chosen services.


How many people do we serve?

Berufsförderungswerk Hamm is a member of the Federal Association of Vocational Retraining Centres in Germany, which includes 28 vocational retraining centres. The number of people they serve differ between 400 to 2500 participants. You can find more information at:

BFW Hamm serves up to 600 clients.


Who are the employees in our institution?

We employ around 200 women and men of different professions.  On the one hand there are psychologists, social workers or educational scientists, doctors, teachers for preparatory courses and vocational training in several branches, and on the other hand staff for providing the infrastructure and common services.


Under which organisation do we operate?

Our vocational retraining centre operates under the responsibility of Josefs-Gesellschaft Cologne (75%) and „Katholische Arbeitnehmer-Bewegung e.V.“ Paderborn (25%), which are two of the founders of BFW Hamm in 1972.


Do we provide financing for the services you offer? From whom and how?

The financing of our services is defined in the Social Code IX for people with disabilities and in Social Code II and III for those without health restrictions. The so-called „Leistungsträger“ are responsible for financing the vocational training, accommodation or travel expenses and for the individual aliment of the people who use our services.


Do we cooperate with the private sector, NGOs and municipalities?

We cooperate with local and nationwide companies for recruiting jobs and training opportunities, with local NGOs who deal with vocational topics and especially the local municipalities around Hamm.


International Projects

More information about our international projects.




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iMOVE is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). iMOVE is part of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) in the Federal City of Bonn.

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